Website design analysis behavior request button design 6 big Nirvana

, This, is, where, the, rubber, meets, the, road.

How much does the

behavior request button play in the process of converting web traffic into business value?

website user experience designer may understand the behavior request button an important role in this transformation, but next to 6 factors, each one wants to obtain commercial interests from the website should understand.

what is the behavior request button,


behavior request button is a button that can get click behavior from the web visitor.

generally speaking, a click behavior may link to download, register, or sell. They may also lead users to a web page with more information, allowing users to take action (for example: learn more about it)……

)6 elements of the

behavior request button

1, size

theoretically, your "behavior request button" should look for a sense of harmony between the crowded page and the hidden background. It should be the biggest button on the page, because the bigger the element on the page, the more important we think it is.


(as shown above) the NCover web page is a large size to emphasize the behavior request button. In addition, they provide enough space to accommodate other key information, such as "21 days free trial"". Strong contrast colors also help users distinguish between the download button and the page background.

2, location

puts the action request button in the folio of the page because it is a symmetric visual center of the user, giving the user a first impression of the site.


(as shown above) the login page of the Envy store greets users with the action request button located in the middle. The round button stands out against the white border and powerfully stimulates the seller to join the site after reading the surrounding text.


(as shown above) "Donate", the behavior request button, is used to call for donations to help children in war. As the two level menu is placed at the top of the page, it can effectively induce user’s behavior. And, in strategy, the text is placed on a background and seems to encourage users to come back after browsing other pages.

3, color

is designed to make sure there is a color contrast between your behavior request button and the background color. >

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