The browser also customized OEM brought traffic to a site

browser as a computer connection network, surfing the entrance to the Internet is the necessary tool for each Internet users. It can be said that as long as you have a computer that can connect to the network, you will definitely install a web browser. It can also be understood that as long as he is a computer and Internet access, then the most frequently used software will be web browsers. This amount of users is huge. China has 350 million Internet users, equivalent to 350 million of browser users. As can be imagined, the browser market contains countless opportunities, will the military is a hotly contested spot, intense competition in the market obviously. In today’s major browser feudal lords vying for the throne of the situation, the major browser to improve their market share, will continue to develop new upgrade to exhaust all the skills, the function of new technology research based on the new version, more close to the user, create new styles introduce some innovative features to draw more users.

current foreign mainstream browser market close to ordinary users, mainly by Microsoft, IE, Firefox, Firefox, apple Safari, Google, Chrome, Opera, including, IE market share is the largest. According to Net Applications latest statistics show that Microsoft IE browser global market share dropped to 62.2%, a record low; although IE8 is still the most widely used browser users. However, according to the current trends, by April 2011, IE global market share will fall below the 50% mark. Firefox followed, and had the potential to go beyond. Several other browsers are also poised to take on more market opportunities.

domestic browser market, although ie is still big brother, several other big international browsers, especially Firefox’s market share has increased year by year. But the domestic browser market and abroad are very different, in addition to the IE occupies the largest share, 360, such as domestic browser Maxthon, window of the world due to their excellent market strategy, over Firefox is very popular in foreign countries in the whole browser. Some new browsers, such as the recently acquired high-speed browser for five million angel investment, also have access to the browser market because they are close to ordinary users, grasp the details, and accurately grasp the habits of users.

, but new browsers like speeding are just doing that, and it’s not enough to survive in the intense browser market. Major browsers are equal in functionality, user experience, customization, speed, system resources, and local advantages. In both market competition, user awareness is low, only another way to catch specific user groups, in a user group to lay a solid foundation, we can step by step, and increase the market share steadily.

OEM believes everyone knows it well. OEM (English: Original Equipment Manufacturer abbreviation) usually translated into <

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