My experience with the first Marx film station

I from 4 to now, contact website development has been two or three years, but this two or three years, I did not become a master, rookie Title suits me perfectly. Senior, from the library to see the first ASP+ACCESS programming books, but also because of my graduation project – to build online teaching and management systems. That’s my first step. Download a management system, learn ASP, change him to what he wants, and then I’ll graduate…… I don’t want to talk too much about it. It’s a little off the point.


for this a web of knowledge, can only deal with China now education. Other than that, I didn’t learn anything else. After work, found what life is difficult. Then I think of part-time jobs. Chance, from the mouth of a friend know that online advertising can make money Oh. What’s more, my friend has started a coffee shop with the net money and started a small boss. Of course, I’m doing it all the time. To see him so rich, out of his envy, 08 years in July, he began his first web site —- Marx.

Marx’s frame construction is very simple, and after the success of the IIS test, immediately buy a domain name, space, thinking, ha ha, money began to roll. (my silly head, I’m really daydreaming.)

hey, after a few days, no traffic. Head Bang Bang (oh, not to advertise. ) then, using Baidu, I searched for a keyword, "website propaganda."". Hey, that’s a lot of work. Look, post, send QQ spam messages, send spam, buy traffic, advertising, proxy server brush flow…… Halo, hair QQ and spam, I definitely do not work, usually I see their mailbox and QQ these garbage is annoying, to do it yourself, exhausted not count, can pull to a few IP; buy traffic, advertising, um, ask for. After asking a fright, is said to have a lot of traffic is not true IP, do not even think of advertising, advertisers do the first time to hand over 6000 pieces, I really silly, not earn money, but lose 6000, big brother, this is my station, I was rookie to, don’t think I open a bank. Open a bank and I don’t have to do it. (that’s what it takes to make money.)

, then send it stick, one day, I know 7 hair paste, I think the good movies are sent up. Post bar there, corresponding to the hair of 7. (this post, before they know Post Bar and know is a very good publicity platform, so the 2 of them are preferred) issued after their station traffic statistics immediately, on this day, to 20 IP, independent IP 16…… Poor baby.

so he started looking for reasons, why didn’t you read my post? Oh, (the head So that is what it is. really think of some reasons) their love of the film is not representative of all people, or most people love ah, two, your row on the first page? "

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