See the A5 traffic and the quality through a sticky topics

I wrote in August 11, 2009 a "123 true portrayal of Baoding: simple, practical and true" to brief my Baoding 123, which is only two months old. The purpose of this article is to write to friends about these two months of experience and experience. Finally, make a point to friends: it is truth to do simple and practical websites.

originally wrote an individual to do the station experience, and there is nothing wrong, and nothing great. In the article, I explained the simple and practical this station experience. Taking my Baoding 123 as an example, a detailed explanation is given. Maybe write too true, perhaps I should edit the brother, actually put my article to the top.

the top of the effect is very obvious, this outstanding performance in the following two points:

one, stationmaster net this platform, discharge is very big.

in a short span of a day, the number of visits to my website has risen dramatically. Through observation, you can find that many friends are through Baidu search Baoding 123, this keyword came to my website. The most is to enter the web site directly after opening the site. As I wrote my QQ number at the end of the article, some webmaster friends added me as a good friend. And point out the inadequacies of the site. It moved me very much. Here, I tell my friends, thank you! In the two days after the top, the same content has been reprinted a number of sites, this can bring more backlinks to yourself. It’s good for the website, not bad. This point, I believe that every webmaster friends are clear.

webmaster network is a soft Wen release platform, every webmaster friends can write their own station experience and experience, and published. I believe that the webmaster friend wrote the purpose is also very clear, one can be more stations reprinted, and to increase the purpose of reverse links, and secondly, with friends to introduce themselves to do the station experience and experience. Share the tired and sweet things you do with your friends. But personally think that the first point is the most important, right? From this, it leads to the following, that is, second points.

two, net friend quality needs to be improved.

because of this article, it has brought me a lot of friends and some IP information. But it also brings troubles and worries that should not be. I am in Baoding from August 11, 2009 123 published after the individual netizen hair information here. It can be said that no matter where, he directly advertising. A bunch of strings of code, lots of spam messages. Because I stand to do the treatment, so the published web site is not automatically linked to the relevant website, there are individual users engage a lot of junk code published, of course I can’t put off full shielding code. The result is imaginable. We two amateur webmaster always from time to time to delete a lot of garbage from the background. There are individual users actually use the agent. The purpose is to send out some junk advertisements. I really don’t know what it’s going to do for you. Before you publish, we later >

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