The key to win the construction of marketing website is detail

is different from the previous focus image promotion, now more and more companies pay attention to search engine marketing, many network companies should also put forward the view of building marketing type website. What kind of website is a marketing website? Many people may equate Marketing Websites with e-commerce, which is not the case. A marketing website is a website that can effectively assist sales, and can change the "visitors into customers, traffic into sales" of the website, and whether it relates to e-commerce is not very relevant. Excellent marketing type website, first of all should have a good user experience, and in search engines have an ideal ranking. Good user experience, high quality content and efficient online communication tools are the three main factors that constitute the website marketing website.

one, good user experience,

good user experience is indispensable for every website, whether it is propaganda, display website, or marketing website, or e-commerce website. Because the design or not exquisite, function or not perfect, ranking or not by, the website construction ultimate goal is to the user to see. A good user experience, first displayed in the exquisite design, in line with the design of corporate image, not only can effectively convey the value of the enterprise. As the first visual impression of a web site, a good design will be pleasing to the eye, leaving a good impression and willing to continue reading. A good user experience also includes a user-friendly setting, such as some sites with a lot of functionality, but users can’t quickly find what they need. While some websites are simple, but the human nature of doing very well, allowing users to quickly find what they need.

in the user experience above, there is also a place that can not be ignored, is the domain name and host choice. Such as short and easy to remember domain name, attention to domestic sites as far as possible to choose to use Chinese Pinyin domain name, domain name selection based on COM (because more than 70% of the domain name is at the end of the com, many users accustomed to input com). It is well known that a website with a fast loading rate will give people a feeling of pleasure. Web hosting speed is very important to web hosting, so the choice of web hosting is important. As a website security, stability, rapid operation of the basic guarantee, the host space is not as large as possible, and stable and fast is critical.

two, ideal search performance,

, when more than 90% of users are accustomed to search through the Internet, the search engine has become the Internet’s door, since you want to successfully carry out network marketing, search engine marketing can not be ignored. The higher the ranking in the search engine, it means that you can get more attention opportunities, good marketing effect is born. Unfortunately, the same keyword, the ideal ranking position is so 35, especially in the top three, you can intercept more than 80% of the search traffic. That’s why Baidu, Google, and so on can rely on keyword ads to get huge profits.

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