New station within 41 days of flow, 2300P days experience sharing

ha ha, talk about my power bar, the station only did 41 days, traffic suddenly has 2300IP days. Http:// this site at the beginning of two hours included articles, is to seduce spiders to included. This station achieves 20 days, the flow will be about 600. Are GG, SOSO to flow, but not long. Do 41 days, Baidu big update, ranking will go up.

SEO personal experience: I share my experience with you.

1. I updated daily articles, the beginning of the two or three update a lot of original articles, the last lazy would not have been the original, pseudo original, remind you of copying others article also edited, for example with his own words, from now on I know the importance of the original article. Very helpful for ranking.. Now, I add an original every day is enough. Update the article than the previous ranking of your station more than double the article, such as 10 people, you 15.

2. is to insist on, new sites in the beginning of the rankings can not go up, and only adhere to the Baidu big update time (because the big update, good standing is ranked high, is the original station.. Ha-ha。


3., I used to blog to propaganda about the station, that is, use their stand article sent to the blog, the result of good article was copied by others.. He is the old station, so that the title of the article in Baidu input is his in front, I was new sites included can not see, I have been insisting in the process of updating the article, one day only dozens of traffic, alas, really depressed ah, ha ha, have to pay a return yesterday, Baidu big update in a flow rate to 2300, ha ha, so to remind you not to give up, do stand is usually insist on is victory, I another station is used, space is often a problem, Baidu K two times, I adhere to the 50 days of

results also have Guan Jian word ranking, traffic also has the people show, we must stick to it.

4., I started every day to increase the reverse link, go to some forums, blog to send the article, the band is linked, but also to flow, and can increase the external links. Is good, and this is also conducive to ranking it, you check my backlinks are almost 700, and more than included articles.

so you also try to promote your website, I think the promotion of the 21CN community to flow up, I went to many people’s forum to send an article to the more than 200 traffic flow, but no skill had been banned in the forum post qualification, ha ha. There are more DEDE forum and A5 website, the sale of one or two articles to buy the station, and (these skills, oh, do not look at the AD, with the soft text with links, others have nothing to say,)

5., ha ha, I do not know what to say, a lot of research under my station, huh, huh. < >

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