We had Ma Yun’s chance, too

talked about the Ma, you only think of him is the Internet tycoon, who can know, we have many advantages and not Ma! Born in 1964, in 1999 founded the Alibaba, he was 35 years old three years of entrepreneurship, University, or college, the first year of math exam 1 points, only second years passed some 10, third years after graduation was admitted to teach for 6 and a half years English. Maybe a lot of people in these areas are far more than Ma, most of the owners are now aged between 20-25 years old, and his business age we have nearly 15 years of time, we are more than his English, so? 15 years, enough for you to learn the English? Here is not to say to you the webmaster to learn English, for example, we are more than 15 years of time, we can learn! However, this world is really only a Ma, Ma other? Yes, his advantage is how to become the idol from now we start at the beginning of his "liar"! Vision is not care about today’s income is several times, what is today’s IP, he didn’t even understand network technology! He sees the users who need


he put science and technology time spent on marketing and promotion, he let the renminbi understand technology for his work, this is good! A lot of people are worried about is in their own technology, what all don’t know how to do?? in fact this problem is secondary, even if Ma Yun is the master of technology. The Alibaba, Yahoo, Taobao that tens of thousands of pages are he personally designed, so he can also is a successful personal webmaster, and will not become the Internet tycoon! So, do site, the most important is the marketing idea,!! is to become a capitalist, don’t worry you a month how much to pay staff wages, you will want you to pay him 3000 he can create 5000 or more value for your


may have with his start at the beginning is the time the Internet has just started, his good luck! Yes, he is good luck! But luck is to seize the stall in 80s to make a fortune, we was born, 90s stocks to make money only a few cents our pocket money to buy a package of Mimi eat. The 0405 year, that day tens of thousands of IP garbage station can earn tens of thousands or even hundreds of times. We seize the opportunity? Very ashamed, I didn’t take that chance, I was from 05 until the end of the contact site, did not understand, rely on SP every day to earn 100 eyes is smiling! Now I know that I is smiling at the same time, also at the SP peak, that want to regret now. It Born Under A Bad Sign was born a few years earlier, if that is good! SP is never in the peak, for the webmaster, a lifetime may have such a chance, but some webmaster is like Ma, seize the opportunity, more owners like me, confused by the immediate interests, and buried more Ma! I remember 07 years, there is a garbage station friend and I said "I have a dumpster one day earn 300500 happy,"

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