Site spam initiator link pop traffic Alliance

              webmaster; today traffic up?

          money;     flow is always the webmaster most concerned about it; with IP, no worry no advertising, then there are rolling in. This holds whether you are traveling or garbage station, IP is the "good faith" is the "gateway" monopoly search K hard times and often you did not discuss in this traffic, many webmasters are pondering how to improve the flow! So the mass production station era, CN domain name registered by mail free space, server like CPU hardware like cheap price (P4 per 400) do more low threshold than do the last station, do technology and content rather than luck. The luck is that the search doesn’t stop you! Seal! Seal! Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! Crazy production of garbage stations, crazy SEO, crazy to do harm, and what’s more, buy virus plug-in, malicious promotion…… All the work is fruitful, to traffic flow, and ultimately achievements batch of "strong" station"!

       ;       most of the junior webmaster are stuck in traffic exchange; this exchange alliance is also born. Here is the most widely traded procedures, "Citigroup pop" 1000 yuan set.


              I know a cow B webmaster friends sit the rates he collected daily production 7, 8 garbage sites, hang rogue plug-ins can automatically download and install and pop-up advertisements and forced advertising, put the plugin and took part in Ryan Sogou, advertising alliance, GG, Ali, and other advertising alliance. He is jealous of the month on the 100 thousand of the advertising revenue and thousands of dollars. Rape is the user’s computer, the victim is our innocent Internet users!

              Internet, the most do not want to see is advertising, and advertising is the most numerous popups, temptation pictures. The flow through the transaction to get more IP, these spam sites not for users but confused search, whether or not flow to hang N advertising, let other people think it is a person willing to advertise "good", let the user forced advertising, shut off were shut off only by the power supply or the end of the process.

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