Station 3 months experience, from failure to success

July, I organized the class of students, established the first web site, virtual website design studio.

that’s what I think. With our professional level and our professional knowledge, we are sure to succeed. But I didn’t think of the problems. When I faced these problems, I was confused.

the first question, we are learning website design, website design, the design is not difficult for me, I did not know that the website is optimized, and the user experience, what promotion, I know, can do it open on the line, do not know how to put on the Internet, then I am bent on doing, then the website is completed, I ask East West asked, finally bought a domain name on the Internet and 100M space, how to upload? I know FTP, this website hangs up, open the slow speed ah, I find a reason not to stop, then I know the choice of servers, then understand the domain name this is the first site selection, hanging up, then the web content is very rich, what are, what ah, the plane, the video website, we will have to put on, but no traffic, No ranking, when I began to study rankings, and why my ranking is not good.

then I designed second websites.

this site I abandoned a lot of useless columns, people in a glance, I only web site design, domain name space, and what flash, although the website ranking is not good, but others feel that there is little sense of design, so I received a few live through this website, but the ranking has been bad, I was learning the website ranking, so slowly to the front row, ten pages, and later the first five pages, then is the first page, then live more and more, but also ranked is ahead of Harbin, I learned the website optimization, found a lot of problems and I also started to do the Union, also ranked in the forefront, but the problem is more prominent, I decided to change again.

now the site has been at the top of the page second, I hope that through my efforts, I took to the forefront of the country, this is my most website experience, hope to have time to share with you all, I more experience.


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