nvestment clothing store business to understand the misunderstanding

joined the brand to join the venture, we need to understand some of the details of the content. These contents have been noted that when the investment will not appear too much error. Join the clothing store, we should pay attention to investment mistakes. Businesses to avoid investment mistakes, will get good development. The following, on the small clothing store investment mistakes will be introduced in detail.

with a good dinner acquaintance

with the clothing store more and more smoothly, many shopkeepers began to expand stores or stores, but not everyone has sufficient funds, then a lot of the owner will choose to look for a joint venture, while they are in the choice of "partners", total love in a familiar look in the "circle". Due to become familiar with each other, so in the beginning of cooperation often with the feelings of things, for the direction of operation, cooperation in the employment problems, financial problems are mostly in the way of reconciliation, tolerance, and ignore the necessary contracts signed and strict restraint system. Thus, with the growth of the clothing store, the contradictions and problems caused by this working relationship will gradually revealed, not only detrimental to the rapid development of clothing stores, and sometimes even lead to the collapse of the clothing store.

where busy rush where

some clothing store owner in the early stages of the operation to determine the direction of love blindly follow the trend, to see what others sell money to sell what, always feel that this can reduce the investment risk, and less detours. However, the operation of the market has its natural cycle, when the market is too saturated, the profit margins will be reduced, rush boom sometimes means that vicious competition is coming. Any investment is risky, once the wrong, it will fall into the trap of investment. Therefore, the shop before the market research and rational analysis is particularly important. This is like the stock investment, the coexistence of risks and benefits, which is suitable for long-term stock, which is suitable for short-term, when to follow up, when to quit, you need to calm down.

Tandaqiuquan itdies

clothing store in the shop, the growth is a necessary process. If the excessive pursuit of growth, is tantamount to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm. In fact, the operation of a clothing store is like a marathon, not to see who is now running fast, but to see who can run in front of others at a critical moment. In the process of operation, when the clothing store benefits gradually after the clothing shop owner can not blindly expand the scale of operations, and should pay attention to and properly handle the capital budget, forecast, material, personnel and related elements of the coordination and management problems. If these problems are not fully prepared, then the rapid growth can only bring a huge risk.

again, the Chinese market is no one who can continue to eat, food can be free, but his stomach. Not only can you work together with the upstream and downstream manufacturers in the industry, the appropriate time and competitors have not joined the

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