Unexpected discovery of new investment ideas

big data era, entrepreneurial projects are numerous, and some of the unexpected discovery of online venture projects with amazing money power, so the people’s attention.

1. million dollar home page

the web page is divided into one million pixels, each pixel charge $1 that is it possible to come out, the most stupid idea for online business. But, at the age of 21. Figure (AlexTew) invented the idea, now become a millionaire.

2. Christmas mail

3. goggles

for dogs made goggles, then in online sales? Dude, this business idea is stupid. How could anyone in this world have made the business of the world and become a millionaire? Can not understand.

4. laser monk

LaserMonks.com is a subsidiary of profit website spring monastery Gloucestershire mary. A total of eight monks in the monastery is located in Monroe hills, northwest of Madison, a distance of 90 miles. Yes, for you to add a printer cartridge is a real monk! Halley! Their sales in 2005 were $2 million 500 thousand! Praise god.

5. antenna ball

6. fitness poker

manufacturing a pair of features of poker, emblazoned with the fitness method, and then sell it online $18.95. in my opinion it was a lousy idea, it’s a disaster. But former seals, now fitness trainers, are reported to have earned $4 million 700 thousand last year, according to PhilBlack. This is certainly much higher than the army.

7.PositivesDating.Com (HIV positive dating network)

Would you like to have a

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