Coffee to beat the hot pot catering industry to attract gold project

Hot pot a wide audience, has been the entrepreneurs to invest in entrepreneurial projects, and coffee due to large investment, so the number of investment projects but the two is Hot pot, who more profit?

" indeed, it’s getting harder and harder to make money! " Sichuan, the catering industry official said, the reason for this, on one hand, the cost increase for the past two years, with the attendant wages were not insurance, net wages in 1000 yuan, compared with two or three years ago, rose about 50%. On the other hand, garlic, vegetables, and pepper and other seasonings from 2009 onwards began to rise, the cost increases, but the restaurant is relatively stable vegetable prices did not follow suit.

casual dining

the average profit rate, total profit refers to the catering enterprises accounted for the proportion of operating income, can reflect the profitability of the size of the digital restaurant. Stakeholders said that because of the casual dining has a dining, entertainment, communication

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