Yulin was hit by a bus driver who killed the assailant beat the driver

at the end of last year, a bus driver in Shaanxi, Yulin, was hit by a passenger without a fire extinguisher, causing a skull fracture and coma. The day before, the bus driver was beaten for rescue invalid death.

to protect the safety of passengers on the car, from December 30, 2015 was induced skull closed fracture in a coma, January 24, 2016 at 7:30 in the morning, Yulin City, 8 bus drivers have white rescue invalid death.

2015 December 30th morning 7 pm, white students are driving the 8 bus passengers in the shuttle, one wearing a yellow shirt, the man in the car sat in the emergency cover inside the bus, on the railing, not with things on hand to play in the car even smashed cars, East West beat passengers. The driver had to worry about the safety of the passengers because of the safety of passengers, after repeated persuasion without fruit, the bus stop, get up and let the passengers get off the car, in a constant attempt to persuade the man to persuade the man.

1 9, Yulin City Public Security Bureau Yuyang branch on the case to be notified. After investigation, the 38 year old Liu due to personal economy and other reasons, depressed, lost confidence in life, the bus hit the bus driver white. Currently, Liu was arrested on suspicion of endangering public security criminal detention by the Public Security Bureau of Yuyang.

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