Underwear store promotions need to avoid misunderstanding

underwear store sales staff in the promotion or activities need to think about some of the problems, if you do not focus on promotional activities, then certainly will not achieve the desired harvest. What are the common errors in promotion? Follow Xiaobian look at it!


investors joined the chain in the daily operation of underwear, if investors want to promote it, so it is necessary to know all aspects of the promotion, including promotion of the shortcomings of what, this is very important.

is a common means of promotional gifts incremental market operations, it is such a common means of promotion, should be appropriate, the incremental market is obvious, and the use of inappropriate to lose the effect of promotional gifts is the common means of incremental market operations, but is such a common means of promotion, should be appropriate obviously, the market increase, and the use of inappropriate but will lose effect.

1. a lot of business personnel to promote the good gifts very welcome, as a gift is better than no gifts for the better, and secondly, to the business gifts waterside pavilion, love for himself. However, in general, discount promotions promotional gifts is better than.

2. a lot of "gift" promotion failure of the main reason is that the gift is too bad, with a bad gift for sale is lethal. When the purchase of gifts is not attractive, poor quality, but will make the consumers to purchase the products beat a retreat. Especially if the consumer has a bad impression on the same kind of gifts, will inevitably lead to the decline in sales results.

3. even if there is a good gift, but if there is no eye-catching publicity, it is impossible to arouse the desire of consumers want to have gifts, so that the price is not cheap gift attached.

4. gift promotion, if no one is responsible for the gift, it is difficult to grasp its reasonable gift. Or businesses do not want to cooperate with the promotional effect is equally difficult to do.

underwear joining requires some combined product characteristics and consumer demand to store promotions to want to do to attract people to make mistakes, if you want to avoid the above mentioned that Study hard how to successfully do promotional work, small hope that you can learn as soon as possible!

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