Community clothing store easy to make big money

to do business in the community, and the community residents to rent, but there will not be a big shopping mall is expensive, so the business can be better developed, the following small do a very successful community clothing store to introduce you.

is located in the Yuzhong District of Bayu family residential small clothing store.

Chen Xuemei had to do was medical equipment business, middle-aged people, love shopping Chen Xuemei, want to buy suitable clothes is really a bit difficult. The distress with friends around the same age, said, we all feel the same. There must be a market demand, which allows Chen Xuemei to see the business opportunities, why not open their own stores?

2005 in March, the Chen Xuemei family in Bayu area at the entrance, 1000 yuan per month to rent a 30 square meters of shops to a room, named " CC" foreign trade clothing store opened up. At the beginning of the shop, came to see the owner of the fresh stream, but look to buy less, the daily turnover is not much.

set file for discerning customers.

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