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now nail industry, is developing rapidly, join in, can quickly become rich! "The wizard and a bright nail polish is the main style this year, your skin white, this’ white Wizard ‘is very suitable for your skin color, you choose the style, after half an hour you can do

1 13 am, the reporter went to the Weicheng shopping mall in Wenzhou, a company called a nail like a nail shop, the mall has just opened soon, nail shop, there have been three customers in the nail. Reporters saw, nail division is wearing a mask to the customer side to do the introduction of the style of nail care. Because the shop is limited, several customers have to wait.

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at 10 o’clock in the morning, the reporter went to a company called "eighth Manicure shop" Manicure shop near Kuiwei District Thai department store, the store is filled with Manicure and Manicure waiting for customers, just ten minutes, Manicure shop have been to several Manicure for customers. The original large Manicure shop looks extraordinarily lively.

"usually busy with work, I rarely do nails, today came the interest, wanted to make a color. I thought it would be very easy to come to 10, I did not expect these people are still quite a few stores." Kang said that, in the end, she chose a less expensive nail shop.

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