Promote the creation of public space services real economy transformation and upgrading

innovation is to make wealth, promote the development of Chinese economy, Beijing city management work has been at the forefront of the. Recently, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission organized a public service to accelerate the development of the transformation and upgrading of the real economy to promote the work of the real estate.

2 29 July, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission held a public record of speeding up the development of the space service entity upgrade will promote the transformation of the economy, in order to implement the "Office of the State Council on accelerating the development of guidance" to the public record space service transformation and upgrading of the real economy and the Ministry of science and technology of the video conference spirit, play a leading role in technological innovation, and service the development of the real economy, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.

A is use of the market mechanism, adhere to the "three self" (self exploration, self management, self development) principle, guide social body service innovation and entrepreneurship. In the country to take the lead in the 65 institutions "Beijing public space" title. Relying on social organizations held the first public record cup China · Beijing innovation and entrepreneurship competition, docking platform for entrepreneurs to build innovation and entrepreneurship elements, the implementation of the "public participation in innovation action plan", launched the "Beijing hit science off season, the first in the country detonated a large recommendation

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