Twelve Feng taste team personally to study why the old Changsha crayfish

recently, twelve Feng taste, the second episode of the launch, a powerful star lineup coupled with a series of domestic characteristics of food, no doubt caught the public eye. This season will focus on Chinese cuisine, old Changsha crayfish has been favored by Nicholas Tse.

Nicholas Tse with "Twelve Feng taste" came to study, Gao Yuanyuan, Zhang Xinyu and other stars to patronize, "every day", "happy camp" program in high frequency appear, the old Changsha crayfish Museum Zhongxingpengyue Wenbin

how to do?

find the memory of crayfish

2009, the 21 year old is a major customer manager of a car brand, the annual salary of 200 thousand, compared to peers is like a big winner in life. But in his heart, he always had a dream about eating.

when Wenbin special love slope street to eat crayfish, every time I go to the slope street Wenbin can eat a few pots. Strangely, the taste is like a switch that opens up a gift for food. This memory has been deeply in his mind, after many years still remember.

when the neighborhood is particularly human foot, a fan, a stool, after several neighbors chat in the yard, a bunch of kids in the adult side of hide and seek. On the house, eat hundreds of meals, enjoyable, very harmonious.

"is not a person for a long time, always feel that time is doubling in the.

was the star of stars, but was covered by bright haze.

this song the best interpretation of Wenbin mood, the memory of the memory of the old Changsha crayfish, the human is always he want to find the beginning of the heart". To be a thing of his own is the pursuit of his life.

snapadoo. 2010, Wen bin 22. He gave up a decent car company to work, with 5000 yuan in the cost of the slope of the street in Changsha opened a roadside stalls, do deep fried". Every day at 4 in the afternoon, the text will go out stall, has been done at about 4 in the morning. Sleep only four hours a day, buy food, cooking, wearing strings, fried vegetables, engage in health, recruit recommend

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