nvestment Cacas octopus balls need how many money

is for people and pursued a small octopus, which tastes love you, Xiao Bian personally feel Cacas Takoyaki is very good, as investors are most concerned about is the cost of joining problems, then Cacas join octopus balls is how much fees? Look at Xiaobian for you to do so detailed introduction.

3 yuan /

authentic Cacas Takoyaki unified national price box (four balls, all the raw material grain) exclusive secret, skin by Cacas special Octopus burning powder, add fresh vegetables, octopus dragon heart particles, with special barbecue sauce, salad sauce, dried fish slice. Ensure Cacas Takoyaki unique skin crisp tender, tasty, fresh vegetables, salad, mustard Octopus delicious sweet and sour stimulation, long not to eat greasy, also ensure Cacas Takoyaki thousands of stores blindly, blood is authentic taste. To ensure that the name can be imitated, the shape can be imitated, but can not imitate the taste of the dominant position of kaka.

Cacas Takoyaki joined in support of:

[fast shop support]

headquarters, including store location, store design, store clothing, image and other business support, step by step support to help you shop at the fastest speed.

[system training support]


headquarters for you from service specifications, technical operations, business analysis, and all involved shop daily operation details of course, so you quickly become experts from novices, calmly manage daily operations.

[Technical Supervision support]

headquarters in the opening of the shop to send professional technicians to provide local training, monitoring of the operation of the process at any time, quantify and ensure product quality standards, timely detection and problem solving, supervision of store operations.

[strong brand support]

is a clever combination of Oriental culture and local culture, forming a unique brand effect, the use of a wealth of brand operating experience, leading the deep-seated cultural identity and cultural identity of the market.

[blocking marketing support]

free of charge for the use of the brand, management fees, margin, allowing you to worry free operation, strict regional protection policies, and provide a full range of product portfolio program, to enhance market share.

[excellent taste support]

the attractive product

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