How to decorate the toy shop

even has a good product, a salesperson who service attitude is good, but if the shop is not in place, first of all to the customer’s impression is not good, so the shop business is booming naturally very difficult to. So, if you open a business hot toy store, decoration work also needs to be done. So, how to decorate the toy shop?

with the improvement of people’s living standards and appreciation of taste, appreciation, entertainment, collection of toys will be more and more market. China is a big country in toy production, at present, the annual sales of toys in our country is nearly 10 billion yuan, and the toys produced in our country are mostly middle and low grade products.

toy market is quite large, if the opening of a toy store, its effectiveness is considerable. In the course of the shop, the decoration is a big problem, a good decoration can make a toy shop to promote sales. Toy shop decoration process should pay attention to the following four points will be able to achieve a good effect:

1, color is pleasing to the eye

toy store layout color to be uniform, and the decoration toys to be able to blend the color harmony, people will be able to see what is your toy store owner and unified tone, is to let the local toy store is also compared to those of the whole color even in color. The toy color is messy, no common color, therefore, the toy store to try to choose the look "clean" color as the background color in the color of choice, in order to get rid of the toy store to customers in the "miscellaneous" feeling.

2, the main sub channel architecture overall layout

in general, the customer is accustomed to browsing the route is the main channel in the toy store. Large shops often ring or well shaped, small shops are L or anti Y font. Among them, hot and popular toys should be placed on the main channel of the shelf, so that customers can easily see, touch. The secondary channel, generally guided by the main channel for the layout of the auxiliary toy products, the specific program is generally based on the needs of the toy store itself and the spatial characteristics of the decision.

3, the basic tone of the decoration

toy store customers mainly for fashion white-collar workers, or college students. They need to pay attention to the practicality of toys, but also fashion oriented, in the price can also accept the more expensive toys. Therefore, according to the characteristics of the toy store to do the decoration, both as a toy store to be relaxed and smart, but also to highlight the cultural flavor and taste of the toy store. In the decoration design process, in order to take into account the adult’s vision of the use of various decoration elements. To make the unique style of the toy store to attract attention to fashion and personality of the consumer groups to look at the store.

4, light atmosphere >

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