What do you need to know about car accessories

many owners love to buy car accessories, let more comfortable driving, also let the space inside the car is more comfortable, but in the time of purchase, consumers also need to consider from many aspects, on the quality of products can not only pay attention to beautiful, more is to use from the point of view. Now let’s look at what we need to know about car accessories.

1, non fixed cushion risk

Province, a large car jewelry shop in charge of the marketing department believes that the design of the car seat has fully taken into account the safety and comfort of the driver, the design itself should comply with the principle of mechanics. If the cushion, pillow randomly inside placed, cervical vertebra is likely to harm the driver’s seat, and the driver can easily lead to instability in the body, when the emergency brake, which is easy to slip from the chair, lead to more serious consequences.

industry insiders said that now the automotive interior market tens of thousands of products, the choice is very large, in the purchase of automotive interiors, we must first consider the safety factor. For example, the interior of the car can not affect the front line of sight of the car; in the automotive interior of the audio-visual entertainment facilities to be modified, but also pay attention to the safety of the power supply line in the car, do not cause the spontaneous combustion of the car.

is a very important factor in ensuring the safety of automotive interior trim. At this time the car is mainly based on the actual needs of their own car and the actual space to choose their own accessories, do not choose those expensive but no practical significance of jewelry. In addition, the selection of jewelry should pay attention to clean, beautiful and harmonious. The color and style of accessories should be coordinated with the color and quality of the car.

2, safety belt buckle difficult

"my car doesn’t wear a seatbelt. It’s a warning sound. Just put on the belt buckle." Riders Ms. Wu said, his car for three years, rarely in the urban area to fasten the safety belt, unless encounter traffic police checks only hastily pulled the safety belt pack appearance, more of the time, Ms. Wu used the safety belt buckle to avoid the car alarm. When a reporter asked whether there is a security risk to do so, Ms. Wu said: "the side of the friends are like this, urban traffic can go to where?"

this, the road traffic police on duty to remind, afraid of trouble, not enough comfort, resulting in a lot of people in the field of traffic beyond the scope of the exclusion of safety belts. However, many of the traffic accidents caused by the vicious consequences are not due to seat belts, therefore, the owners should abandon the safety belt buckle such jewelry, fasten the seat belt to travel, do not have luck.

3, plastic foot pads affect brake


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