Henan PPP warehousing project has reached 726 total investment of 841 billion 500 million yuan

for PPP this new term, many people may feel strange. The so-called PPP refers to a mode of cooperation between the government and social capital, which will improve the government’s role in infrastructure and public services, and is conducive to the optimal allocation of social resources.

to accelerate the promotion of our province by using PPP model, May 4th to 5, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly organized by the provincial Party School in Henan province PPP model to promote the use of training, to the provincial governing county, city, province (city) in charge of the financial work of Vice City (county), the financial secretary, the relevant provincial Department of the Ministry of finance, the demonstration project implementation agencies, financial institutions and other specialized training.

PPP mode is the cooperation mode of government and social capital, which is a kind of benefit sharing, risk sharing and long-term cooperative relationship between government and social capital in the field of infrastructure and public service. Deputy director of the Ministry of finance PPP center Jiao Xiaoping in the training class, after two years of work to promote the advantages previews PPP mode in the allocation of resources, has become an important starting point of China’s steady growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood, anti risk, preliminary show leverage PPP demonstration project, reform achieved.

reporter learned from the training course, at present, the province’s PPP project library storage project has reached 726, with a total investment of $841 billion 500 million. Of which 137 projects, a total investment of 169 billion 900 million yuan; have been looking into the social capital project 64, a total investment of 138 billion 600 million yuan, 41 projects selected for the second batch of pilot projects of the Ministry of finance has found the social capital of 14, a total investment of 34 billion 400 million yuan, formed a good atmosphere to promote the use of the PPP model.

provincial finance department official said, the next step, the provincial finance department will work with the provincial departments, city and county government, continue to improve the system and to increase efforts to promote and support the implementation of policies, continue to strengthen supervision and guidance and efficiency strengthen publicity and training, to further promote the standardized operation and the implementation of PPP model.

constantly recommended the development of the PPP project is still a long way to go, in the future development of the road, still can not be separated from the government’s strong support and social capital related to cooperation. Working hard to build a happy and prosperous new Henan.

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