Hot pot chain investment funds

shop entrepreneurship, need to invest some money. For investors, the fund budget is also very important, once the error occurs, the latter will be seriously affected. How much does it cost to open a small hot pot chain? This is the franchisee is more concerned about the issue, Xiao Bian provide a reference, I hope to help you.

for many investors, the most concerned about the issue of the shop is the amount of investment budget, hot pot chain is no exception. However, it is well known that the concept of investment budget for hot pot shop is very wide. All kinds of chain products Hot pot there is a huge difference in terms of ingredients, processing machinery, packaging technology, materials choice, but also because of different economic strength, business philosophy, aesthetic point of view, shop advantages and others are not the same, so it is difficult to summarize an accurate and complete investment amount. Here, the small series from the big side, for investors may describe the hot pot shop investment budget.

generally, the small size of the Hot pot chain 8-10 million square meters, a 600-800, 60-80 table Hot pot store, probably to prepare 600 thousand yuan of funds, including Hot pot shop investment amount budget includes the following aspects: fees, equipment investment, raw materials, packaging materials, site cost expenditure human expenditure, expenses, expenditure, expenditure, necessary for opening the advertising shop. And the rent and renovation costs accounted for the majority, so the budget should focus on doing the work of these two areas.

small chain stores Hot pot needed investment funds according to the specific store actual investment decisions, if your investment cost is not very clear, you can figure out what specific need money, probably how much, as a result, it is much simpler, only do this part of the work, it can master the post operation.

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