Left and she gave her different life

this is a success story of food and beverage business, this story tells us: even if God shut the door of happiness for you, but also love for you to open the window of success.

Liu sister after the divorce, they. Then move out of the city, came to the city on the left and Shexi restaurant now. Liu said that although the divorce, but she still has a deep feeling of the western restaurant, and work is the best way to make yourself strong. But I have no experience, so many investors see better left homes are first exposed to this industry, not only had no experience, some people even do not have some basic common sense. The left and break the rules of the game industry to support policies that she is very exciting. And, left and Shexi restaurant with all British house design style for Hua Yi, silhouetted against the East and West symmetry decoration, mainly black and white, elegant and fresh, quiet and elegant atmosphere, soothing music, the perfect combination of Oriental and Western delicacy.


left homes delicacy

: you can feel you can feel the impression index,

Tucao: you delicate, your life will be fine.

floor statement:

exquisite woman, the hall; gentle woman, thought-provoking; elegant woman, natural admiration. Sister Liu is such a delicate, gentle and elegant woman, but at the age of more than and 30 and married to a bad husband, her ex husband divorced. People who know her say that her husband should be a kind of person will let her such a beauty. But she shook her head and told us about her past.

One of the most difficult


After graduating from college,

married her boyfriend who had fallen in love with her for seven years. Two people met, fell in love, to marry the couple can be called a model, happiness model. Because the husband is to learn western professional origin, so the two people together opened a restaurant, life without worry and worry, too happy. Unfortunately, the world is difficult to predict, the two married a few years later, her husband went to the United States out of a bad, and then come back and then there is no previous love time.

he met a rich girl in the United States, the girl fell in love with him at first sight, whether he was married, not afraid of distant distance, desperate to chase from the United States, from then on, two people’s lives no longer calm. And the husband’s feelings have begun to firmly refused to accept the girl slowly. Can only say that there is a feeling called shengqingnanque." Liu sister said, although I do not know what happened between them, or did not happen, but they can not find the old couple between the previous happiness. When he asked him if he wanted to let the girl go back to the United States, his hesitant attitude had hurt her

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