Some suggestions on the selection of underwear store

open underwear store, a lot of people know the site is more important, bustling lot, shopping center is the best place to shop. However, in reality, there is such a problem in the operation, such as a site is difficult to find, the cost is too high, then, in the underwear store terminal location problem, there is no better way.

Xiao Li heaveho: I want to shop a shop is the biggest problem, how to location, I want to first make sure that some of the following questions: 1, District 2, 3, 4 brand consumer groups, finally you shop. I think it is best to open more than 100 square meters of shops in the county, and do not have to open in the first section of the road, the city is small, a publicity will be fully understand, must be able to make money.

future: as long as the formation of clothing, underwear, cosmetics… And other ladies shopping mall on the line, not necessarily that the city center district business district. Such as the formation of commercial street, it is not necessarily the middle, not necessarily the head or tail of the street. Of course, this type of site for large and medium cities in the new shop dependence is relatively strong.

is the most important point in the market level position is not very good in terms of terminal shop, to learn in the competition (such as advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and other places) survival, and the shop location is interdependent, retail sales in the present competition situation will go out "welcome", not always in the shop waiting for passengers.

Rhododendron: I am a lingerie brand Zhejiang manager of the Guangzhou office, in this location, I mainly follow the following principles: some main areas in the selection of large commercial street, usually cost between 4-8000, the number to around 100 thousand people, usually two or three district is adjacent to the shop area of about 30 square meters, estimated. In this way, a location principle, to a certain extent to ensure that the store sales.

above these are the friends of the lingerie shop site proposal, perhaps to help you shop. In general, want to choose the right location, the first is to do its own position, you know what you can afford to store, and then according to the standard location.

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