Party education platform for mobile phone Beijing Guangming community really hard work

With the continuous development of

technology, a series of changes have taken place in our life, and the bright community has begun a new way of management. The reporter saw in the Twin Towers of Chaoyang City Guangming Street Light community service hall, community party branch secretary Song Dong a mobile phone keyboard to complete the flow of Party membership dues collection work and online learning. The advent of mobile phone platform for Party members, so that the grass-roots party building in Beijing Guangming community has been a better solution.

bright community using modern information network to expand and extend the traditional grass-roots party building, through interoperability, intelligent analysis and decision making etc., Party construction resources fully open, party activity and thought of dynamic real-time perception, to achieve fine management and efficient communication of Party members.

follow the footsteps of the continuous development of the times, so that some of the work can become more simple, the advent of mobile phone platform for Party members, this is a very good proof. Let the light of community since the beginning of this year, around the "two a" study and education, to solve the problem of the masses of Party members, grassroots party building services as the goal, to join the Chaoyang City UniCom company built a "wisdom Party – Party member education through mobile phone platform. The platform includes the education of Party members, Party members, party service organization and management of three modules, covering the education of Party members, party notice, interaction, liquidity management, convenient application of the 14 columns, the effective realization of the community management to enhance the effectiveness, break the grass-roots party construction work problems.

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