Hainan institution personnel can work in business

with the development of the current economy, the current market set off a wave of entrepreneurship, some in the business, and some simply leave their own business, but for the institutions of the people who want to do business? We all know the special nature of the institution staff, if you want to start a business is not meant to lose the iron rice bowl?

Hainan provincial government recently issued the "Hainan provincial government on further improving opinions" employment work under the new situation, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship researchers, in entrepreneurship, with the permission of the institution, can not affect the work, does not damage the unit of collective interests and in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations and policies of the for.

views, to undergo entrepreneurship, with the consent of the original unit, reserve personnel relations within 3 years since the signing of the agreement does poineering work from the date of the original units and other staff equal in professional titles, job level promotion and social insurance and other rights.

start-ups has also brought many favorable policies for entrepreneurs, Hainan Province issued a business unit personnel can on-the-job pioneering this convenient support project, undoubtedly lifted the menace from the rear for these business groups.

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