9 projects for young entrepreneurs inventory

now the whole society in promoting entrepreneurship, especially some young people, because now the whole social life pressure is relatively large, a lot of young people under the huge pressure of life, have chosen to start.

IT industry is now a lot of students start their own business from the Internet, the advantage is the low cost of online shop is free of charge; low threshold — a little bit of computer knowledge can manipulate. And e-commerce in the ascendant, online business is in line with the trend. Choose a lower threshold of the "NiuDao", is an ideal choice of high school graduates in business start.


second for Young Entrepreneurs: maternal and child health center

80 years after generation in any field has innovation consciousness, the traditional "confinement" habits in reform, so the central as new services are being accepted, and have great development space, mainly for pregnant women prenatal and postpartum counseling services, infant early stage of intellectual development, Yuesao training postpartum, catering to develop reasonable, helping the project of maternal health care service. The location of the best around in the maternity hospital, but also a number of high-quality Yuesao, a total investment of 20 thousand yuan, half a year to recover the investment. This can also be set up shop on the Internet, that is, online business can be.

third for Young Entrepreneurs: shorthand services company

in foreign countries, has experienced the process of handwritten shorthand shorthand – Mechanical – computer shorthand shorthand shorthand, the market has decades of history. Take the case of the United States, the United States before each city, each state has "copy", these are copied specially for the government to provide specialized services of shorthand, they to the president to the governors, have a special shorthand clerk. Later, some part of the personnel working in government shorthand shorthand services see a huge market potential, and have his own, set up a special meeting recommended

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