Furniture store off-season what to do

almost any of the shops will have a light season, in the face of the peak season, we naturally is to show their skills, to create high performance, bring more profit. In the face of off-season, a shop should be how to do is a good choice? In other words, furniture store off-season what to do? Let me see small series of.

in the year 51, after eleven, furniture store sales down suddenly, as if stagnation as every June, July, November and the Spring Festival in the month, compared to other months, is the off-season sales.

sales season, naturally, the boss and the staff are busy, but once the off-season, the boss with the frost like eggplant without the essence of God son, employees are doing nothing. Low season sales tend to occur, increasing friction between the teams, and then because of poor sales performance, some employees take the initiative to leave or store cost savings layoffs. The whole sales team has no sales atmosphere. Sales are even worse.

sales season furniture store employee turnover or layoffs, hiring sales season, furniture stores without a sales team trained with regularity, season and season clearly Jingwei furniture stores, after all, is a furniture store boss without thinking about a problem, that is, the sale is off-season, furniture stores do what? This is the majority of furniture stores are facing problems, especially the vast majority of the county market multi brand large independent furniture stores. So, the sales season, furniture stores do?

first, the establishment of sales data analysis system, the store owner to do things according to, can not only feel the decision. To the furniture store sales and main brand sales compared with the same period last year were analyzed to calculate the change ratio, to find out the reasons which affect the sales increase, in order to carry out targeted adjustment.

furniture store consultant for many years, I found that, with some of the store owner talked about this issue, a lot of my boss gave me is possible, perhaps, should be the conclusion of this or that. There is no data analysis system, no sales report, even if there are monthly sales statistics, but do not know how to conduct data analysis. Bosses do things by their senses and often make mistakes like this or that.

furniture store owner, we must know that the overall sales of their stores as well as the main brand sales relative to the previous year’s increase or decrease, the main brand sales trends. Through a long period (6 months, the 2 quarter) accurate data analysis, concluded that, with the boss wants to see if the results are not consistent, inconsistent, it is necessary to solve the problem in the off-season!

two, do a single product sales statistical analysis. Can be in the quarter or half a year (6 months) as a unit, the statistics of best-selling products, profit products >

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