t ‘s Q Garnett walking Charm

in fact, the choice of women’s shoes to join the project, is a very special choice, but also a very attractive choice. It ‘s Q women’s shoes? For business with a small capital entrepreneur, undoubtedly, is very business choice!

in the fashion industry, rose has been enduring fashion elements, timeless. The most beautiful symbol of beauty in the kingdom of Dior is the rose, and Mr. Dior’s mother, Madeleine Dior, has shaped the manor into an English garden, so that Mr. Dior has been able to play the role of creating a rose garden.

In addition,

also symbolizes the charm of women, the most poetic time. Carolina, a more than and 70 year old American fashion designer, once said in the background, "I’m in the rose season," and she’s the one who always lives in the rose garden of". In her design rose elements also appear frequently.

beautiful beautiful, charming fragrance, poetic and romantic, so charming flowers in It ‘s Q2017Cinderella travel

Artist Series is also presented. It ‘s Q artists will be collected at the global travel inspiration, from exotic elements rose into "Artist Series" idea, 2017 new fashion totem was born, let the women wear them like walking in the rose garden, step by step aroma.

will print the exotic rose high-heeled texture elements into the buckle and heel design, elegant style with retro ladies. Black and gray.

It ‘s Q women’s shoes? The quality of women’s shoes, join the choice more dynamic. Entrepreneurial choice to join It ‘s Q women’s shoes, shop is earned! It ‘s Q shoes good? Walking charm!

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