How to join guiya pie

When it comes to food and beverage investment

small projects, small make up the most recent period of time to join the pie is very popular with investors, for this small series here for everyone to recommend a good pie to join the project – your pie.

is the first Ji’nan guiya pie Catering Management Consulting Co. Ltd., under the brand name, headquarters is located in the beautiful city of Ji’nan, after nearly ten years of development, the company office area of more than 3 thousand square meters, amounting to more than 5000 people business cooperation. The company is committed to the development of food and beverage, food and beverage management, catering operations, chain operations of the four core business. To the beginning of 2016, the company co OP stores all over the country 31 provinces and cities, the number reached more than 1800. So how do you join?

how about your elegant pie? What conditions do you need? How to join? Here is your specific description:

join conditions:

1, recognize your elegant pie products

2, with entrepreneurial spirit

3, with certain management ability

4, good interpersonal relationship

5, with a certain market insight

join process:

1, through the official website to understand the project

2, headquarters invited franchisee field visits

3, pay to join the intention of gold

4, submit the application

5, headquarters audit through

6, officially signed the contract

7, headquarters arrange training

8, site decoration

9, officially opened

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