How to let the customer find interest in commodity in three seconds

is it possible for a store to be able to deal with a customer, and often does not take much time, often in seconds?. In short, a good shop, in three seconds will be able to seize the customer. And we tend to indulge in the recommendation and services, chatter of publicity, the result makes the customer a sense of tension. Instead of using sound service, it is better to use silent display! What is the focus display?

to attract the attention of customers, improve customer focus on the rate of goods and try to extend the customer’s passenger line, guide customers to visit the whole store, in order to improve the proportion of customer impulse buying. Is the focus on display in the store, the most able to attract customers attention local configuration suitable goods, and give the best display technique, maximize customer fitting rate, thereby increasing the purchase rate, in order to promote sales.

How does

allow customers to find interest in three seconds?

people’s vision of a strong stimulus information is easy to perceive, which means that, rather than with a sound service, as the silent display! This is the truth.

to display the best way to display the main products, preferably for customer identification, and is the most eye-catching display form. In the clothing commodity display, the human model, the hanging, the side hangs and folds in these four kinds of display forms, the most easy recognition, the most acceptable demonstration way is the human model display.

so we will store people modular display, said display for the store focus, the main manifestation is the collocation type model group shop display and series of merchandise, the main role is to increase the number of display, display the best products, improve the fitting rate.

short three seconds, if the product is not attractive to the customer, naturally can not form a late trading. And a lot of the store actually much, or with the display of a great relationship. So, if you run a shop, do you know how to attract customers in three seconds?

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