Entrepreneurs need to have four mentality before starting a business

What is the most important thing for

entrepreneurs to start their own business? Not money, nor management, but entrepreneurial mentality and entrepreneurial orientation! With a very clear idea, with four good attitude, is the beginning of success! The following is a specific introduction, a look at it!



back, Bibi trading is like a blossoming flowers bloom in my heart, let me happy. In particular, I want to say is my first true sense of the buyer " BA Tang Zhengbo " after the baby received, the clothes are too big, she said to stay until next year to wear it, did not say a word to the praise. To be honest, I was really ashamed, because I was giving her advice when I was sure the size of the clothes, so I think I should take part of the responsibility. As a new seller, encountered such a generous buyer, really lucky.

> is honest heart.

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