Great Wall Taishan quality Suzhou recall 500 units

fans in life as a common household appliances, although the air conditioning has been popular, but its role can not be ignored, so there are still a lot of people in the market to buy electric fans! The 4 reporters from Jiangsu Kunshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Suzhou Jia Lin Electric Co. Ltd. before the recall September 28, 2015 production of Great Wall (FT-40) Taishan, number of products affected 500. It is reported that the recall involved due to fan wire products of the supply cord cross-sectional area is too small, does not meet the national mandatory standards, there is a risk of electric shock and fire.

according to the introduction, Suzhou Jia Lin Electric Co. Ltd. will be posted in the recall notice to hold the product sales outlets, consumers should immediately stop using, and to buy the store or home appliance Co. Ltd and Suzhou Forest Association of free maintenance, to eliminate safety hazards. Consumers can call Suzhou Lin Lin Electric Co., Ltd. Tel (13962123057) to understand the specific information about the recall of the product.

Great Wall Taishan quality, although it has been recalled, but when consumers buy, but also need to strengthen their security awareness. At the same time, Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Kunshan electrical appliance inspection experts remind, the conductor cross-sectional area of the supply cord fan products must comply with national mandatory standard GB 4706.1-2005 "safety of household and similar electrical appliances – part first: General requirements," GB 4706.27-2008 "for household and similar use appliances – Safety – part 2 – second: Particular requirements for fans". If the power line diameter is too small, can lead to power line tension is not enough, easy to break caused by electric shock. In addition, it is easy to overheat when used, which may lead to insulation aging and short circuit.

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