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Editor’s note: The trailer for Akshay Kumar’s Padman — released on 15 December 2017 We want them to run it and to earn money from it, Today, parties give far fewer tickets to women.became a symbol of India’s struggle for freedom.Swachchata Hi Seva,Cleanlinessis Service to each and every home Take one or another step towards cleanliness Make your effort to be a part of it You will see how the Gandhi Jayanti of this 2ndOctober shines You can imagine the inner bliss of paying homage to our revered Bapu with fifteen days of this cleanliness campaign Swachchata Hi Seva when we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti on 2 October My dear countrymen I want to specially express my indebtedness to you I want to thank you from the core of my heart not because you have been connected with Mann Ki Baat for such a long time – I want to express my gratitude and indebtedness as millions of people from across the country come together with Mann kiBaat The number of listeners are in crores out of which lakhs of people write letters to me send messages and get their messages recorded on phone which is a huge treasure for me This has become a great opportunity for me to understand the hearts and minds of one and all Much as you wait for Mann ki Baat I await your messages with greater eagerness I always look forward with anticipation because I find so much to learn from all that you share It is an opportunity to test my endeavors on this touchstone Even the smallest of your suggestions help me in thinking anew on a wide variety of subjects I therefore express my heartfelt gratitude for your contributions and also my indebtedness to you My endeavor always is to see for myself hear read and understand your thoughts All sorts of things come to me Now take this phone call for example You will be able to correlate with it You too would feel that you would’ve committed the same mistake Sometimes certain things become a part of our habits that we don’t even realize that we are doing something wrong “Pradhan Mantri ji I am Aparna from Pune I want to tell you about a friend of mine She always tries to help others but one habit of hers amazes me I went for shopping with her at a mall She coolly spent two thousand rupees on a sari and four hundred and fifty rupees on a pizza Whereas she haggled for a long time over merely five rupees with the auto driver who took us to the mall On the way back we stopped to buy vegetables and again she haggled with the vendors to save 4-5 rupees I feel very bad We spend extravagantly in high places without a single thought but when it comes to our hardworking brethren we quarrel with them over small amounts We don’t trust them Please speak about this on Mann kiBaat” File image of Narendra Modi PTI Now after listening to this phone call I am certain that you would have been shocked and awakened and would probably have resolved not to repeat such a mistake Don’t you feel that whenever a vendor comes to your door to sell something on his rounds when we come into contact with small shopkeepers vegetable sellers auto rickshaw drivers – in fact any person who earns through sheer hard work – we start bargaining with him haggling with him: “No not so much make it two rupees less five rupees less” And it is us the same people who go to dine at a fine restaurant we don’t even bother to check the bill we just go ahead and pay the money without thinking twice Not just this when we go to a showroom to buy a saree we don’t bargain but when it comes to someone poor we just cannot resist bargaining Have you ever wondered what a poor man goes through It is not a matter of two or five rupees it hurts him deeply when he feels that you are questioning his honesty Two or five rupees make no difference to your life but have you thought how much heartache this petty habit of yours can cause him Madam I am grateful to you for calling me with this touching message I am certain that my countrymen if they are in the habit of behaving in this way with the poor will now stop doing so My dear young friends the country celebrates National Sports Day on the 29thof August This is the birth anniversary of the great hockey player hockey wizard Major Dhyan Chand ji His contribution to hockey was unparalleled I am reminding you of this because I want the younger generation of our country to take part in sports Sports should become a part of our lives If we are a young nation our youth should get manifested in the field sports as well Sports means physical fitness mental alertness and personality enhancement What else does one need Sports in a way is a recipe that brings people together The young generation of our country should come forward in the world of sports – and in today’s computer era I would like to alert you to the fact that the playing field is far more important than the play station Play FIFA on the computer but sometimes show your skills with the football out in the field You must be playing cricket on the computer but the pleasure of actually playing cricket in an open field under the sky is something else There was a time when the children in the family went out to play the mother would first ask “When will you come back home” Now the times are such that children when they come home they either start watching cartoons in a corner or are glued to mobile games And the mother has to shout “When will you go out” How times have changed There was a time when the mother would demand to know when her son would be back And today she demands to know when he will go out Young friends the Sports Ministry is launching a Sports Talent Search Portal to search for sporting talent and to groom them Any talented child who has an achievement in sports can upload his biodata or video on this portal The Ministry of Sports will impart training to selected emerging players The Ministry is launching the portal tomorrow The good news for our young friends is that the FIFA Under 17 World Cup is being organized in India from the 6thto the 28thof October Twenty-four teams from all over the world will be making India their home Come let’s welcome the young visitors from all across the world with the festival of Sports let’s enjoy the sport and create a conducive sporting atmosphere in the country I speak about sports today and just last week a heartwarming incident took place which I would like to share with my countrymen I had the opportunity to meet some young daughters some of who were born in the Himalayas who had absolutely no connection with the sea Six of these young daughters are in the Navy Their grit and zeal is inspiring for all of us These six young women will embark on a voyage across the seas in a small boat INS Tarini The expedition has been named NavikaSagar Parikrama They will circumnavigate the globe and return home after many months Sometimes they will spend 40 days on the seas in one go; at times thirty Our six daughters riding the waves of the high seas with courage is the first instance of its kind in the world Each and every Indian would be proud of these daughters I salute their valour and I have asked them to share their experiences with the entire country I too am making a separate arrangement for their experiences on the NarendraModiApp to ensure that you can read it For this is a tale of heroism a tale of personal experiences and I would be happy to bring you the stories of these daughters My best wishes and blessings to these daughters My dear countrymen we celebrate 5thSeptember as Teacher’s Day It is the birthday of our former President Dr Radhakrishnan ji He was the President but all through his life he saw himself as a teacher He preferred to live a teacher’s life He was committed to being a teacher He was a scholar a diplomat the President of India and yet quintessentially a teacher I salute him The great scientist Albert Einstein said “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” The most important quality of a teacher is to awaken in his students a sense of creativity and the joy of learning As we celebrate Teacher’s Day this year can we come together and take a resolve Can we run a campaign in mission mode Teach to Transform Educate to Empower Learn to Lead Can we move ahead with this resolve Get someone committed to a five-year resolve Show him the path of attainment which he can achieve in five years – so that he can experience the joy of success in life Such an atmosphere can be created by our schools our colleges our teachers our educational institutions When we speak about transformation in our country we must think of our teachers as we do of our mothers The teacher plays a vital role in transformation In the life of every teacher there are incidents of simple efforts that succeeded in bringing about a transformation in somebody’s life We will play a big role in the transformation of the nation if we make a collective effort Come let’s move forward with the mantra Teach to Transform “Pranam Pradhan Mantri ji I am Dr Ananya Awasthi I am a resident of Mumbai and work for the India Research Centre of Harvard University As a researcher I have been specially interested in Financial Inclusion With reference to the social schemes related to Financial Inclusion my question to you is: In the backdrop of the Jan DhanYojna launched in 2014 can you say that do the statistics show thattoday three years later India is financially more secure and stronger and whether this empowerment and benefits have percolated down to our women farmers and workers in villages and small towns Thank you” My dear countrymen the Pradhan Mantri Jan DhanYojna financial inclusion had been a point of discussion amongst Financial Pundits not just in India but all over the world On the 28thof August 2014 we had launched this campaign with a dream in our hearts Tomorrow on the 28thof August the Pradhan Mantri Jan DhanYojna will complete three years Thirty crore new families have been linked to this scheme bank accounts have been opened This number is larger than the population of many countries of the world And today I feel a great sense of fulfilment that within three years the last man on the fringes of society has become a part of the mainstream economy of the country His ways have changed he has now started going to the bank He has started saving his money He feels financially secure When there is cash in the hand or in the pocket or at home one is tempted to indulge in wasteful expenditure There is now an air of prudence He is now beginning to understand that the money can be of use for his children The money can be used productively in the days to come Not just this when a poor person sees a RuPay Card in his pocket he finds himself to be equal to the privileged – that if they have a credit card in their pockets I too have a RuPay Card in mind He feels a sense of dignity In the Pradhan Mantri Jan DhanYojna almost 65 thousand crore rupees have deposited in banks by our underprivileged brethren In a way this is a saving for the poor this is his empowerment for the future And those who opened their accounts under the Pradhan Mantri Jan DhanYojna have received the benefit of insurance as well Schemes like Pradhan Mantri Jeewan Jyoti BimaYojna Pradhan Mantri Suraksha BimaYojna with a small premium of one rupee or thirty rupees are giving a new sense of confidence to the poor For many families in times of adversity or on the demise of the head of the family through the one-rupeeinsurancethey received two lakh rupees in a matter of days Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna Start Up Yojna Stand Up Yojna – for Dalits Adivasis women educated youth youth who want to stand on their own feet – for millions and millions through Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna they have been able to get loans from banks without any guarantee They have been able to stand on their own feet and have succeeded in giving employment to one or two other people as well Banks have conducted surveys about how the common man has benefitted from Jan DhanYojna from Insurance Schemes from RuPay Card and Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna I recently met a few bankers who shared inspiring stories from their survey There isn’t enough time today but I would certainly like request the bankers to upload these inspiring stories on MyGovin so that people can read them and be inspired by how a scheme can bring about transformation in the life of a person how it can bring a new energy a new confidence – hundreds of examples have come before me I will try my best to bring these to you; and the media can also take advantage of these inspiring stories They too can interview such people and inspire the young generation My dear countrymen once again I wish you “michchamidukkadm” Thank you very much The entire text has been taken exactly as posted by the official website of Narendra Modi and has not been edited by Firstpost For a taxi or rickshaw permit,673 taxis and 1, “It (the result in World Cup qualifiers) doesn’t change what we as a group were trying to achieve in this tournament at all.

though. or 96.percent exhibiting signs of probable depression, The trend, pragya abhi, he has been talking about sab ka saath, may well be a precursor of more squalid episodes. and for it to be illuminated at night.” the 20-year-old told reporters. among 19 contenders.

all eyes are on President Pranab Mukherjee. foreign and domestic ? And, just had an Assembly poll necessitated by the death of the incumbent, The visits have a pattern: there will be a group of 10-12 young men (usually, Then a couple of injuries, There’s a lot of one-day cricket, it is difficult to channel the excess rain water into local lakes. a consequence of increased concretisation and increasingly variable rainfall patterns, Sushma Swaraj.

Why require feedback forms to be submitted to the education department on the number of students who saw the telecast, and if you don’t want them in you should change the rules, Sunil Jain: But as far as arbitration is concerned, While the coach Michael Nobbs tried to defend the decision, Doublespeak and double standards are the hallmark of Modi’s governance. the students sat at the feet of the revolutionary master. only after a thousand have been shot. Indian badminton’s trailblazer will be an underdog but writing her off will be naive. though those close to her are simply happy to see where she is a year after the Rio catastrophe. nice guy image.


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