Join the Vitoria ice cream business success project

high quality Vitoria ice cream to join the project’s choice, open a Vitoria ice cream shop, shop is earned! The hot market, hot to join the project, successful business, you are still hesitant what?

Vitoria ice cream stick to choose high-quality milk, pure natural fresh fruits and vegetables, and strictly control the fat content of ice cream in less than 4%, the subversion of the traditional concept of "ice cream = fat", the concept of health and beauty coexist in ice cream.

Vitoria ice cream, from the nineteenth Century Vitoria times, centuries old royal secret, each with a formula of raw materials are carey selected, and then the precision to milligrams of gold were condensed, will extend the high quality standard of the eternal to every detail.

Vitoria ice cream, stunt craft heritage Royal dessert division, each section of Vitoria ice cream are the art of Pierre have great originality, which are hidden behind the "love story", distinguished by exquisite dessert division gives each product a romantic and imaginative style, or a symbol of friendship, or love.

Vitoria headquarters to provide a new generation of intelligent ice cream ice cream machine, a new computer numerical control technology, high efficiency intelligent operation, expansion rate and yield were increased by about 50%-70%, greatly reduce the cost of raw materials, to bring more profit space.

brand business to join a good project, how to join the Vitoria ice cream? Small venture, worthy of trust. If you join the ice cream project in Vitoria, is also very exciting. Why hesitate? Hurry up!

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