Harmonica ten brands list – the whole

is a very important component in the rich musical instrument market, and because of the huge market demand, so that the market has a lot of brands. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of the harmonica, so that more people can have a better understanding of the harmonica market in china.

harmonica ten brands list NO.1. Swan:

began in 1982, the national protection of trademarks, well-known trademarks in Jiangsu Province, high-tech products, Jiangsu famous brand, musical instruments industry strong company, Jiangsu Swan musical instrument Co., ltd..

harmonica ten brands list NO.2. yellow card:

harmonica in the name of one of the best in the domestic sound and sound quality of the ten hole Bruce harmonica, in the harmonica market occupies an important position in the Shanghai musical instrument Co., Ltd., Kaine.

harmonica ten brands list NO.3. Chi Mei:

The state protects the

trademark, famous trademark in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu province famous brand, clarinet industry standard drafting of the main unit, the ten flute brand, Jiangsu Chi Mei instrument limited company.

harmonica ten brands list NO.4. Guoguang:

was founded in 1931, specializing in the production of harmonica enterprises, one of the earliest harmonica production plant, the product at home and abroad, Shanghai Guoguang Harmonica Factory Co., ltd..

harmonica ten brands list NO.5. Kingdee:

focuses on the research and development of the production of high-end harmonica, Sino Japanese joint venture comprehensive musical instrument manufacturing enterprises, a very well-known harmonica brand, Wuxi SUZUKI musical instrument Co., ltd..

harmonica top ten list of the top NO.6.EASTTOP Oriental:

has a very large harmonica manufacturer in China, the ten major brands of harmonica, and enjoys a high reputation in the customers and the market for its product quality. Jiangsu Dongfang musical instrument Co., ltd..

harmonica ten brands list NO.7. and Lai HOHNER:

is one of the largest harmonica production factory, many users recognized first harmonica brand, the world’s first large-scale production of harmonica manufacturers, Taiwan gongxueshe group.

ten NO.8. harmonica brand ranking top TOMBO:

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