More than 600 sanitation workers enjoy free physical examination

Since January 21st, the north area of more than 600 sanitation workers began to Chaoyang community health service center to receive free medical examinations, mainly including the project examination urine routine, 11 liver, blood glucose, electrocardiogram, liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidney ultrasound, inside and outside, women, five officers, four blood lipids at the same time, the male prostate and female uterus and accessory ultrasound and blood routine, women two cancer screening, and to each of the sanitation workers free influenza vaccination of hepatitis B antibody negative, medical sanitation workers free injection of hepatitis B vaccine.

the project if I go to the hospital to check the sanitation workers at their own expense, injection, per capita cost 644 yuan, the examination by the North District Health and family planning bureau to take full. It is understood that, due to occupational characteristics, many of the sanitation workers to respiratory disease, lumbar muscle strain, rheumatism or rheumatoid. Reporters at the scene of the medical examination, the medical staff on the detection of illness with sanitation workers, are on the treatment, usually pay attention to the patient to give a detailed explanation. The physical examination so that more than 600 sanitation workers on their own health in the end. Especially the breast cancer and cervical cancer in women prone to early diagnosis and early treatment is beneficial to improve women’s reproductive health, disease awareness and self-protection awareness, reduce the rate of gynecologic diseases has played a positive role. After the examination, the Council also provides a free breakfast for the sanitation workers.  

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