Ministry of culture training for the province of cultural talents

The Ministry of culture in 2014 spring projects – national culture volunteer border area activities in Qinghai Province, the construction of public cultural service system and enhance the effectiveness of training, opening on July 17th. Our province cultural workers through this platform, at the door to listen to the top domestic experts and scholars to teach knowledge and experience into the brain and heart, learn something, to enhance the quality, and the reference to public cultural services in the future.

Ministry of culture, the central civilization office will determine this year for the culture of volunteer services to promote "," around our China dream · the culture of voluntary service level "theme, organize the spring projects – national culture volunteer border area activities and demonstration activities. The training courses held in our province is one of the spring rain project activities. The training course organized by the Ministry of culture, the Central Institute of cultural management cadres, the Qinghai Provincial Department of culture, press and publication. The teachers are well-known experts and scholars, they have to understand the importance of the curriculum and the era of the construction of public cultural services from the international perspective, the modernization of national governance, the transformation of government functions such as the macro level, but also from the current popular "urbanization" development to analyze the specific cultural work ideas and methods, at the same time in particular the use of the latest team approach – "a structured discussion" to help our province cultural workers to search and analysis the actual work of the main problems, reasons and countermeasures.


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