North innovation services crack pension problem

Let old people and enjoy some old, is not only the obligation of the children, it is the responsibility of the government. In recent years, the Northern District Civil Affairs Bureau to carry out home-based care for the elderly, the community for the elderly pension, pension institutions to support the new model, effectively improve the level of pension services in the north. Buy the service so that the elderly feel safe in the community day care center, 73 year old Gao Yuanshan is making bed. Since children are working in the field, after the care center is completed, the children have to look after the care center of the comfort of the environment and the care of the people, it is safe to send the old man here. The old man is very satisfied with his life, he said: "I have been here for a year, there are so many old friends, do not feel lonely. Have a headache and slight fever, staff care very thoughtful." In recent years, in order to make the empty nest, the disabled elderly live happy and easy, "Chengbei district government purchase service", a total investment of more than 41 yuan, for 123 people per month for 150 yuan living allowance. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of the elderly home care in the community, on the basis of the original provision of services on the basis of the introduction of home care service station project, get the old people’s praise. Mutual happiness hospital to serve the elderly in rural areas to alleviate the problem of the elderly pension in rural areas, built 10 rural mutual happiness hospital, has been put into operation in the town of Jin Wan, Tao, Tao, and other 5 rural mutual happiness hospital. Mutual happiness hospital after the operation, the Institute to carry out rich and colorful activities, for help, do the elderly in rural areas "into the courtyard home, home from the village, government, village, old three party win. The medical center medical insurance department at present, in order to alleviate the situation of shortage of district pension institutions, pension services to carry out North District to introduce private enterprises, set up a Beverly medical center, to achieve effective integration of the pension and health care, life care, medical care, the implementation of the main service as a whole, suffering from chronic disease in bedridden patients, mental retardation, dementia all patients, hemiplegia, paralysis, so as to reduce the burden on the family and society, for the benefit of the elderly.  

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