1303 old Lai to be included in the black list

since July 22nd, the city’s courts at all levels to carry out a week to focus on the fight against refusing to execute judgments, rulings and other criminal acts special action news week activities. It is reported that
2014 by the end of the battle against crime of refusing to execute special investigation activities, the city court in the basic screening investigation of the relevant cases, the investigation of 38 cases of the implementation of the debtor for refusing enforcement of court judgments, convicted, and register, transferred to the police investigation, for refusing to execute the criminal the responsibility judgment, part of the case has entered the stage of the proceedings or prosecution. West District People’s court transferred to the investigation Xingmou, Luo, Teng and Zhao and other three cases, during the investigation of three cases of four were performed per capita fulfilled the obligations of the judgment or the person applying for enforcement and execution reached a settlement agreement, after the City District People’s court verdict, Xingmou detention two respectively. Months, suspended for four months, Luo three months detention, suspended for six months, Teng seven months imprisonment, Zhao detention for five months. Huangyuan County People’s Court of Huangyuan County Rural Credit Cooperatives and the right of accepting Feng dispute case transferred to public security organs after the investigation before, pingmou with the application executor negotiation is performed voluntarily by the name of real estate debt, fulfilled all the executive standard.

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