Assessment of the State Council assessment of Xining fire

April 16th to 18, the State Council assessment team composed of the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of public security and other ministries for 3 days of inspection and evaluation on city fire control work, inspection group fully affirmed in recent years, Xining fire work and team construction achievements.

in Nanjing during the assessment group listened to the two provincial and municipal government work report of the fire, the fire inspection work ledger, the government and the relevant functional departments of archives, on-site inspection of the fire command center, Xining City Water Department, fire brigade and Biological Park District fire station, fire safety management at random shopping malls, hospitals, boarding schools and 4 units in the construction site, to carry out the grassroots township, street, community grid management, check the fire police station fire supervision and fire water city construction work.It is reported that the assessment of

, is the first time ever organized by the State Council of the national examination of fire control work". For the establishment of a sound evaluation system for government fire work, and comprehensively promote the implementation of fire safety responsibilities, and actively build a government led social fire work pattern, is of great significance.  

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