The province’s largest agricultural film production base completed and put into operation

9 month 2 days, the province’s largest agricultural film production base – Qinghai agricultural means of production (Group) Limited by Share Ltd agricultural production base in Gan Gan River Industrial Park completed and put into production, the annual production of film size will reach 22 thousand tons, can basically meet the needs of the province’s agriculture required.


film can improve the soil temperature, soil moisture and water, maintain soil structure, anti pest, promote the increase of function. Before the province only a small number of film production enterprises, in order to meet the needs of the province’s agricultural film, a large part of the film covering the need to purchase from Gansu. The status quo and agricultural production base Ganhe into production will break our province without large agricultural film production enterprises, the introduction of the base 10 units (sets) of domestic advanced film production equipment design total annual output of 22 thousand tons, season monthly production reached 1500 tons, can basically meet the demand for the use in agricultural film. And because Chinese and petroleum signed a direct supply agreement of linear polyethylene material, so that the cost of production and transportation is greatly reduced, after entering the market, the price will be relatively low, and let consumers enjoy the benefits of farmers in the province.

it is understood that the production base from the mixture of raw materials to finished products, meter, cutting process, entirely by mechanical control, spring covered use time can reach 10 to 12 months, autumn covered the use of time can reach 18 months, fully meet the national standards.

at the same time, in order to protect the ecological response, green agricultural development, agricultural production base at a distance of one kilometer, is a new annual processing capacity of nearly 10000 tons of the largest waste plastic film recycling, processing, production base, is expected next year will be officially started operation on the eve of the spring.


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