To verify the effectiveness of the problem solving

Following April 1st, listen to the opinions and suggestions on the party’s mass line educational practice activities on behalf of private entrepreneurs, people outside the party, the morning of April 3rd, municipal committee, vice mayor Zhang Yongjun once again hosted the party’s mass line educational practice comments forum, listen to from "two representatives of members" and the masses of the Municipal Standing Committee and the municipal government party opinions and suggestions.

forum, from "two representatives of members and grassroots people on behalf of 24 straight to the point, went straight to the theme, focus on promoting the development of the party’s mass line educational practice, improve their work style, solve the four winds problem, advice, telling the truth, said the truth, according to the specific demands and needs of the masses to the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, municipal government and the party put forward to enhance the campus perimeter security, improve the medical level, oppose formalism, improve city environment, distribution of education more than 40 comments and suggestions.After listening to their speeches:

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