The highest temperature on weekends

December 26th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the highest temperature in the city this weekend will be picked up, the maximum temperature of up to 6 degrees celsius. Since the beginning of winter, the temperature fall, cold anomaly, the cold of the lowest temperature and the highest temperature to minus value, all-weather to let people feel the icy cold. The reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the next three days, the city will be in sunny weather, 26 to 27 at night during the day, the city has a cooling process, the highest temperature range at about 4 DEG C, is expected in the highest temperature of 1 degrees, the minimum temperature is -13 DEG C; the night of 27 to 28 in the morning. The highest temperature reaches 6 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature will drop to -17 degrees Celsius; 28 in the morning to 29 at night, the highest temperature and the lowest temperature has little change. Although the highest temperature value increased over a period of time before, but the temperature difference between morning and evening, and during the breeze weather, the Municipal Meteorological Station staff to remind, long time no precipitation in dry climate, people travel to add clothes to keep warm, but also pay attention to increase the humidifying equipment inside, to prevent the occurrence of cold and throat disease.  

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