Xining launched 76 key investment projects in the industrial sector is still heavy

from the municipal development and Reform Commission, the city’s 2010 investment projects have been selected to update, 2010, the city will launch 76 key investment projects, the investment is still the main industrial areas.

is currently the municipal development and Reform Commission has published volume key investment projects, and the latest release to the relevant investment network. Launched in 2010, the city’s key investment projects in 17 agricultural projects, industrial projects of the 34, real estate projects in the 14, business projects, tourism projects, forestry projects, 2, a total of 6. The Chinese wolfberry industry project, Qinghai Tibet Plateau high precision Aluminum Alloy strip project, copper aluminum alloy pipe project, high purity Seabuckthorn antioxidant compound extract of seabuckthorn resources deep processing and base construction projects are large-scale project plans to invest billions of dollars.

in this year’s investment work, the city will further guide the private capital to invest in government projects to encourage and comply with the national industrial policy areas, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the city’s investment in 2010.


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