Urban minimum heating subsidies object generals

10 month 28 days, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, in order to solve the problem of city low-income families heating in winter, warm winter protection difficulties of the masses, the provincial civil affairs department actively coordinate financial sector financing 61 million 810 thousand yuan, issued winter heating subsidies for the province’s 165 thousand city residents.

it is understood that this year, the province’s urban subsistence allowances for winter heating subsidies for the standard: the city’s three objects family 1000 yuan per household, the general household subsistence allowances of $750. The provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Finance Department of civil affairs departments at all levels to strengthen the management of heating subsidies, timely disbursement of funds, strict audit subsidies qualification, standardize payment procedures, timely public subsidies standards, scope and enjoy the object, by the end of November will be heating subsidies paid to city residents. At the same time, for the living conditions of other living groups, will pay close attention to, through temporary assistance and other ways to help solve the special difficulties in life.


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