Xining traffic police four initiatives to strengthen traffic management

Spring Festival with the back into the peak period, the flow of people, traffic is gradually increasing, in order to ensure the stable work carried out during the Spring Festival, Xining city traffic police detachment closely combined with the actual deployment, focus, take a number of measures to resolutely curb serious accidents, to ensure safe and smooth traffic after the festival.

after each unit of the police, the police immediately held a meeting, asked the police, the police in a timely manner to win their hearts, continue to maintain full mental state, actively do a good job in the spring late work, strengthen the sense of responsibility, fixed position, responsibility to the people, to work on the festival song.

detachment combined with the characteristics of traffic flow during the Spring Festival, in terms of service arrangements, order management, accident prevention targeted deployment, each unit requires a reasonable allocation of police, cross patrol inspection, strengthen the main road intersection, see alarm rate. The main junctions, sections of real-time monitoring, timely detection of traffic hazards. At the same time, we should make full use of the functions of the Spring Festival inspection service station, strengthen the inspection service of the passing vehicles, and prevent the traffic accidents to ensure the successful completion of the Spring Festival transportation work.

to ensure that the festival area of primary and secondary roads and alleyways parking, traffic order, road increase efforts to investigate illegal activities, the timely carry out of the freight vehicle overloading, bus overcrowding, drunk driving, agricultural tricycle and other illegal acts of special rectification, focused on investigating drunk driving violations, and resolutely curb illegal acts of drunk driving. Especially after the normal business street shops, parking order management is the key, but also difficult, according to the requirements of the squadron service area specific characteristics, special arrangements to strengthen police patrol control efforts to ensure good traffic order.

urban passenger return rising, detachment combined with practice, to further increase the traffic safety knowledge propaganda and education, combining punishment, adhere to the road police on duty face-to-face publicity and education work, to further strengthen the safety education and management of non motor vehicles and pedestrians; further transport enterprises, bus stations and other mass gathering places, put all kinds of publicity boards, constantly to increase traffic safety publicity and social coverage, form a good atmosphere for everyone, everyone is concerned about traffic safety maintenance of traffic safety. (author: Gu Danting)

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