The province’s social pension service capacity increased significantly

province to increase capital investment and hardware facilities, the basic establishment of home-based, community-based, institutional pension services to supplement the system. As of now, the province to build 1940 elderly welfare facilities, community elderly day care center 178, 1556 rural mutual happiness hospital, social pension beds up to 22654, home-based care services facilities have basic coverage of urban community 90%, rural community 65%. The total amount of pension service facilities inadequate conditions, significantly enhance the ability of social endowment service.


12th Five-Year" period, our province will be the development of pension service industry as an important measure of a positive response to population aging, protect and improve people’s livelihood, has issued "on accelerating the development of pension services implementation opinions", "government to buy the social forces pension service implementation measures", "Qinghai province pension agency management approach", "the government to buy the social forces outside the old’s injury insurance implementation measures", "agricultural and pastoral areas of the difficulties the elderly support services pilot program" and other policy documents, and constantly improve the old-age service policy system construction, provides a strong policy support for the development of our province pension services.

at the same time, adhere to the principle of urban and rural development in order to promote the government to purchase pension services as a starting point, and vigorously develop urban and rural home care services. Over the past 5 years, the province invested 1 billion 410 million yuan for the construction of pension service system, the proportion of the province’s welfare lottery pension service system into the proportion of the total number of funds of more than 60%. The construction of information service platform for the development and construction of five level pension service information system, new culture mode and gradually implement "Internet plus pension service". Through government subsidies unified purchase of home-based care services for the urban and rural elderly, guaranteeing the elderly, three key and special care for the elderly over the age of 80 empty nest elderly people living alone, the elderly poor and elderly people over 80 years old subsidy standard reached 150 yuan per person per month and 60 yuan. The basic realization of the pilot area of the elderly government to buy the full coverage of home care services. Currently, the province’s home care services to undertake social organizations and enterprises, institutions have more than 40, significantly enhance the ability of pension services.

for the elderly in rural and pastoral areas scattered residents, pension services lag behind the actual situation in the province, our province scattered difficult for the elderly "Daiyang service" mechanism to actively explore the rural and pastoral areas, carried out the first pilot work on behalf of services "in the 8 County of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and southern three states, according to a monthly per man day 500 yuan, invested 800 yuan standard, take the government purchase pension services, focusing on long-term local, rural and pastoral areas, scattered five three empty nest, the elderly living alone and other difficulties, to provide day care and help the meal to help doctors, health affairs agency, cleaning, spiritual comfort, security guard and other basic home-based care services. Up to now, the pilot area has been for the 1450 eligible elderly for the generation of services, timely and convenient for the elderly in rural areas to provide the basic pension services.

to accelerate the construction of pension service system, effective;

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