The livestock linkage — a new pattern of development of animal husbandry in Xining

2014 golden autumn season, Huangyuan County waves wave rural grass planting base, focused on a continuous wave of green forage grass, growing gratifying. Kang Haiwen Bo hang Township deputy mayor told us that this year the village has increased efforts to adjust the industrial structure, with white oats, triticale main forage planting area is increasing year by year, farmers increase income by planting forage.

Wu Shengai is a large county of Huangyuan, in recent years, through the grass planting project, planting rye obtained a good income. In 2013 he planted 1800 acres in 2014 to expand to 4200 acres. An acre of land, if good, can produce 700 to 800 pounds, net profit is from $300 to $400, in 2013 we earned $about 200000, in 2014 earned almost $600 thousand. Kind of rye this project is very good for our farmers, led us to get rid of the masses around the rich." Wu Shengai said.

based on local natural resources, actively change the mode of production, the overall planning, development of forage industry, to achieve "breeding linkage", is an important means in Xining city to promote animal husbandry development of new model of modernization. Reporters from the Xining municipal agricultural development and poverty alleviation Bureau learned that around the full completion of the "12th Five-Year" during the main livestock self-sufficiency rate of more than 50% of the overall goal of Xining City, in order to increase the security mechanism of financial support and improve the supporting policies to establish livestock linkage, effectively grasp the good forage industry development, for the modernization of animal husbandry the development of a break for the characteristics of Xining Road, promote the transformation of the mode of production and management of animal husbandry, animal husbandry structure adjustment has been a breakthrough, the city’s animal husbandry modernization to livestock breeding, industrialization, production standardization, feeding ecology, facilities modernization "animal husbandry steadily forward direction the implementation of regional development, animal husbandry and farming livestock industry layout adjustment into the track of healthy development.

in 2013, based on the full mining wasteland, abandoned land, returning farmland to forest land, relocation and barren land and other land resources, Xining city launched a comprehensive implementation of the "municipal forage planting project, with emphasis on special funds for planting area, the size of farms, cooperatives, forage processing enterprises, the scale of of the concentrated forage base and high-quality grass seed breeding base, given seed subsidies and purchase subsidies, the implementation of" boost livestock interaction "and" doubling plan ", and for the development of animal husbandry" grain "grass first. In 2013 the city’s 400 thousand acres of high-quality forage planting, planting 450 thousand acres of high-quality forage from 2014, to 2015 will reach 500 thousand acres, built grass seed breeding base of 25 thousand acres, has laid a solid foundation for the security and stability of Xining and speed up the development of livestock industry.

it is understood that on the basis of Datong County, Huangzhong county and Huangyuan, climate conditions and natural resources, geographical advantages, Xining city industrial layout for forage oat silage, Datong County, Huangzhong county and Huangyuan District of forage rye. By adjusting and optimizing the planting structure, actively promote grain, economy, forage crops three;

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